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10 Xmas decorations for less than $10 To Create A Festive Ambiance In Your Living Room:

How can I make my living room look Christmassy?

Christmas is the best time of the year for DIY enthusiasts. It gives you a chance to decorate your home in a way that you normally wouldn’t be able to.

But Christmas decorations can get really expensive and it’s easy to spend more than you can afford on them. Plus, if you’re like me, you probably don’t have a lot of space in your home for storing decorations.

That’s why I wanted to show you some easy and inexpensive Christmas decorations that you can make yourself!

Here are 10 DIY Christmas decorations you can make yourself at home, all for less than $10:

1) Paper Snowflakes:
2) Pinecone Garland
3) Paper Snowflake Garland
4) Wooden Star Garland
5) Homemade Christmas Ornaments
6) DIY Tinsel Wreath
$10 DIY Xmas Ideas

1) Paper Snowflakes:

Paper snowflakes are a great way to get into the holiday spirit and are simple to make!

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First, you’ll need to cut a square of paper. You can use any kind of paper you likeβ€”we’ve used origami paper and construction paper in our examples here.

You’ll also want to measure how wide you want your snowflake to be; this will determine how big your finished snowflake is. For example, if you cut a square that’s six inches on each side, then your finished snowflake will be six inches across.

Once you have your desired size in place, fold each corner down onto itself. Then take one corner and fold it back up so that it overlaps with the other two corners (see above). Continue folding all four flaps back up until they meet at the center of the square (see below).

Now open up your folded square carefully so that it forms a triangle shape (see above), and then bend each side of the triangle up toward the center point (see below).

Finally, just trim off any excess paper around the edges of your triangle, and voila! You’ve made a beautiful Christmas decoration!

2) Pinecone Garland: This garland is easy to make and looks great hanging on your front door or over the mantelpiece.

You can find instructions here.

Step 1: Gather pinecones.

Step 2: Gather twine or yarn.

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Step 3: Tie the pinecones onto the twine or yarn, leaving about two inches between each pinecone. This will allow you to hang your garland from the ceiling or a doorway. You can also use this method to decorate a Christmas tree, but make sure you’re using non-toxic glue if you are going to put it around your pet’s neck!

Step 4: Hang it up! The best way to do this is by tying one end of your garland around something heavy (like a chair) and then letting the rest of it dangle down behind it.

This way, when people walk under it they’ll feel like they’re being hugged by nature herself!

3) Paper Snowflake Garland: This garland is perfect for hanging over windows or doorways, or even around a tree branch!

You’ll need:


-a pencil


-glue stick

1. Draw a circle on the paper, and cut it out with scissors. Make sure you cut the circle out of one sheet of paper.

2. Fold the circle in half to make a cone, then unfold it and draw another circle on it. Cut this out as well and glue it to the first circle, making sure the open end is facing down. Repeat this process until you have enough cones for your garland (we used four).

3. Fold each cone in half again, then unfold and glue them together at the tips (but leave one tip unglued). This will create a loop that can be affixed to your wall or tree branch with tape or string!

4) Wooden Star Garland: A beautiful wooden star garland will add some rustic charm to any room in your home!

If you’re looking for a way to add some natural charm to your home, try making a wooden star garland! It’s a great way to make use of scrap wood and maybe even upcycle some old things you have lying around.

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What You’ll Need:

-wooden stars (either make your own or buy them at the craft store)

-wood glue (or another adhesive)


-string/twine (if you want to hang it)

5) Homemade Christmas Ornaments: These little homemade ornaments are easy to make with supplies from the craft store, and they look so pretty on the tree!

1. Collect materials: you’ll need a variety of different kinds of paper, cardboard, fabric, and string. If you want to use recycled materials like magazines or cereal boxes, that’s fine! You can also make your own paper using newspaper or scrap paper.

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2. Use scissors to cut out shapes from all your different materials. You can use any type of shapeβ€”you don’t have to make them all Christmas-themed!

3. Decorate your ornaments by gluing on glitter or sequins, writing notes on them with markers, or drawing pictures on them with crayons and pencils. You can even write down things that happened during the year in them so they become a record of your life!

4. Once they’re decorated, tie them onto strings so they’ll hang properly when they’re up on the tree!

6) DIY Tinsel Wreath: If you’re looking for an easy way to decorate your door without spending too much money, this simple tinsel

Making a wreath is so much fun, and it’s a great way to get into the holiday spirit. It’s really easy to do, too!

Step 1: Gather your supplies. You’ll need tinsel (any color), glue gun, scissors, wire cutters, and a wreath form (optional).

Step 2: Cut your tinsel into long strands of varying lengths. Try to make each strand at least two feet long; longer is better!

Step 3: Bend the wires of your wreath form in half and loop them through your tinsel strands. Make sure they’re evenly spaced throughout the wreath so that when you hang it up it looks nice and full!

Step 4: Glue all of your strands down using hot glue as necessaryβ€”we recommend using just enough so that they stay put without being too stiff or heavy when hanging on your door or mantle piece.


So that’s it! You want to make your living room look Christmassy. And we’ve given you the tools to do just thatβ€”from our favorite decorations, to the best way to hang them, and even how to set up a mantle so you can display all of those pretty ornaments.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start decorating!

Do it yourself gift ideas for Xmas?

The holidays are a great time to show your loved ones how much you care about them.

But what if you don’t have a lot of money to spend? No worries!

There are plenty of ways to add some festive flair to your living room, without having to spend a dime.

Check out our list of do-it-yourself gift ideas below!
1) Make your own Christmas tree out of cardboard boxes and twine. This is perfect for the environmentally conscious person in your life! And it’s totally customizableβ€”add ornaments or lights, whichever they prefer.

2) Make a new desktop background on their computer screen with a picture of them and their family/friends at Christmastime as the focus point (this is especially good if they’re really into computers).

3) Try making some delicious treats together and putting them in little baskets around the house for everyone to snack on throughout the season (but don’t tell them until after Christmas!).

What can you do for Christmas instead of gifts?

If you’re looking for a gift that’s less expensive, but still meaningful, consider making your living room look Christmassy.

If you’re going to be spending time in the living room anyway, why not make it a little more festive?

Even if you can’t afford to buy a tree or decorate with lights, there are still some easy ways to make your home look like Christmas has arrived.

You can start by taking down any holiday decorations from last year. Then, set out some new ones! If you have kids, they might like helping with this part of the process.

You can also get them involved in decorating the tree or putting up any other decorations you have on hand (you could even let them pick out some decorations themselves).

Another option is to make your own Christmas cards instead of buying them at the store. This will save money and also help keep things eco-friendlyβ€”which is always good!

If you’re interested in doing this type of thing every year, then consider investing in some supplies ahead of time so that next year’s card-making session goes more smoothly than this one did.

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