How to make your Child a Genius?

How to make your Child a Genius, ways to make a child genius, How to think like a genius boy.

According to, to be a genius kid, he must be backed by science and the kid must be self-disciplined.

Although their intelligence levels might have everything to do with genetics, you still want to give your child every opportunity to be the best and smartest they can be.

Use these 5 little-known ways to make your child a genius so they’ll be able to keep up with other smart kids as they grow up.

Your genius could have just as much to do with how you raise them as it does with any natural predisposition toward intelligence!

1) Don’t pressure your child

Children who feel pressured by their parents are less likely to succeed. Similarly, if your child isn’t enjoying their classes, they’re less likely to want to do well.

So, be sure not to heap pressure on your child and instead encourage them in every way you can.

This doesn’t mean you should talk down to your child, or even treat them like adults (this is often one of the biggest mistakes I see) but rather that you create an environment where they have fun learning and growing.

A great book on this topic is Mindset: The New Psychology of Success by Carol Dweck. It will help turn every parent into a better one.

2) Read together every day

Children learn by watching their parents and following their example. That’s why it’s important that they see you reading every day.

Reading together will give you an opportunity to teach them new words and guide them as they read on their own.

The best thing about reading out loud is that there are no rules, so get creative!

Have your child read a page aloud and then add some silly voices, or act out different characters as you read along with them.

3) Read out loud even if they can read by themselves

Teaching your child how to read is easy. But helping them to become great readers takes much more effort.

In addition to reading together with your child, you can build their skills by asking them questions about what they’re reading or getting them involved in other activities that challenge them mentally.

Playing games such as chess, checkers and other board games can also boost brain power and make kids smarter.

How to make your Child a Genius

4) Ask open ended questions when they are done reading

The very best thing you can do for your child’s brain development is to talk about what they are learning. Asking open ended questions about what they read helps them think more critically and engage with information, rather than simply spitting back facts.

For example, instead of asking your child What did you learn in school today? ask them How does that information make you feel?

5) Take them to the library

Studies show that reading is far and away the most important factor in predicting your child’s success.

How to make your Child a Genius

If you want your kids to be smart, get them into reading early and often. And when I say library, I mean it; children who are read to on a regular basis as babies tend to speak earlier, have larger vocabularies, are more articulate, and grow up to have higher academic performance than their peersβ€”that only happens if they’re exposed to books at an early age.


There are lots of ways parents can raise smart kids. Research has shown that children who are read to, memorize poetry, and even participate in music classes during childhood have higher IQs later in life.

It’s too late to implement all these strategies after your child is already in school (although you never know), but if you want your child to be ready for anythingβ€”from learning a new language to taking on an advanced degree programβ€”there are simple, enjoyable steps you can take today.


How does teaching your child feel to you?

Parents often feel a sense of pride and accomplishment when they teach their child something new.

They feel like they are contributing to society by passing on knowledge and skills to future generations.

Parents also feel a sense of relief when their child learns something new for the first time because it means that they don’t need to worry about them anymore.

However, there is also an element of sadness or dread that comes with teaching your child because it can be stressful at times and you

What are the benefits of teaching your children?

Children are our future and we want them to be able to live happy and healthy life.

They need to be taught the right morals and values from a young age. This will help them later in life when they need to make decisions that will affect their lives.

There are many benefits of teaching your children, such as:
-Helping them grow up with the right morals and values
-Teaching them how to make good decisions
-Helping them see the world in a new way

What is the difference between teaching your children and giving them a lot of time alone?

Teaching your children is what you do when you want them to learn something. Giving them time alone is what you do when they need space to think and be themselves.

What are some tips for making sure that you’re not raising a child prodigy, but rather raising a well-rounded, happy, and healthy child?

If you are a parent, you may have heard the term “child prodigy” before. A child prodigy is defined as someone who is exceptionally talented in one or more fields.

As a parent, it can be tempting to push your child to become the next Mozart, but it’s important to remember that there are many other things that make up an individual’s life.

Here are some tips for making sure that you’re not raising a prodigy, but rather raising a well-rounded, happy, and healthy child:
– Give your child time for other interests outside of their main talent.
– Make sure they have friends who share similar interests.
– Encourage them to explore their talents through different mediums (e.g., art vs music).


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